Pre-Settlement Inspections are a must!

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One of Kelley’s favourite things to do: Pre-settlement inspections.
Before a client finalises the purchase on their investment property Kelley can go and complete your pre-settlement inspection. This means checking a few things:
✅ Check any agreed-upon repairs are completed as planned.
✅ Test all appliances, power points, & light switches are in working order.
✅ Check for damage to walls, floors, ceilings that may have occurred damage.
✅ Test heating and cooling systems to ensure they are functioning properly.
✅ Verifying that all fixtures and fittings, such as taps and toilets, are in good working condition, and are still in the property as agreed in the contract.
If you’re purchasing an investment property on the Central Coast, please reach out to Kelley to arrange this inspection as an add on to our property management service. It’s a valuable (and dollar saving) inspection!  Phone: 0400 454 531

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