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There is nothing better than knowing that our team have strict Key Performance Indicators to follow. These KPI’s measure their work performance and ensure that we are kicking goals to maintain excellent management protocol by following our Systems and Processes effectively.  When we can celebrate how well we are doing with our KPI’s we love to share out stats with our clients.
In these somewhat testing financial times, we are always very pleased to report regular low rental arrears. In May & June 2024, these stats were frequently around 0-1%.  Which is an incredible stat to know that 99-100% of our tenants pay their rent in advanced.  Which ensures that our clients mortgages are paid on time too.
That relaxed and relieved feeling of knowing that The Leasing Network will take care of all property management duties with absolute care as if your investment property was their own.
Huge Congratulations to our team for being Consistent in Excelling in the Management of their clients Residential Investment Properties.  Some of KPIS are:
1. Zero Rental Arrears.  Having minimal rental arrears and nearly every single tenant tenants paying their rent ontime.
2. Correct Rental Returns.  Ensuring that all properties are returning high rental yields, in comparison to comparable properties.
3. Fixed Term Leases.  We like to know that our investors are settled, and when their tenants are settled this helps, we like to ensure that our tenants are on fixed term leases where possible.
4. Regular Property Inspections.  Completing Routine inspection on a regular basis, to not only check that our tenants are looking after your property, but also to suggest any recommended maintenance and property improvements.
Outstanding Efforts.

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