5 ways to make your investment property tenant friendly

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Most people know what features they want in their home. Including Prospective Tenants! So if you can offer these in your investment property, your chances of securing quality, long term tenants increases. Not only does this provide peace of mind that your property will be looked after, but quality tenants are more likely to pay their rent on time, every time too!
In this article, we’ve outlined five key things that will make your property tenant friendly. So if you want to improve your chances of getting great tenants quickly read on.
5 things that will make your property more appealing. 
1. Clean Presentation – Pay for a professional cleaner. Even if you have moved out yourself, the best way to handover a property is for it to be in excellent clean condition.
2. Cooling and Heating – In winter it’s cold and in summer it can reach 40 degrees, so this is well worth looking into and providing this makes your tenants comfortable.
3. Give the property a freshen up if needed between tenants – a fresh coat of paint, new blinds and new flooring will always attract tenants fast, rather than living in aged and wearing.
4. Maintenance kept up, such as gardening, hedges, mulch, appliance checks, doors open and close with no hassles, no leaks, dripping taps or running toilets.
5. Where possible key all the property keys alike, and make living simple without having 6 different keys to work different locks.  This also doubles for added security, because really do you know 100% if there are any old keys floating around that may have not been returned in the past?
We could give many tips, but these are just a few that your prospective tenants will certainly appreciate, yes it will benefit them, but it will also be beneficial for the investor in securing tenants in a short period, having minimal vacancy means more rent in your pocket faster.

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